The Berkshire Bicycle Quest Leaderboard

The Berkshire Bicycle Quest isn’t meant to be a competition but we have decided to publish a ‘leaderboard’ so that people can track how many checkpoints they and their friends have visited.

NameCheckpointsLast Submission
Amanda Atkins518th April 2021
Paul Giles518th April 2021
James Lovell3621st March 2021
Paul Evans359th May 2021
Sarah Evans359th May 2021
Sam Harrison3418th April 2021
Darren Edmunds2020th June 2021
Alice Norman1812th July 2021
Tony Southwick1524th March 2021
Carole Richards152nd April 2021
Neil Warwick1516th May 2021
Amy Baker1111th April 2021
Sally Baker1111th April 2021
Rose Howard72nd July 2021
Stuart Corfield726th April 2021
James King620th March 2021
Philippa O'Halloran426th February 2021
Linda Carter21st June 2021
Linda Herbert12nd April 2021
Julie Atkin12nd June 2021

Please note – If you’re submitting answers it could be a day or two before the leaderboard gets updated depending on how busy I am. If after a couple of days it’s not been updated feel free to ‘nudge’ me, it’s possible the automated email may have gotten trapped in ‘Spam’


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