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Below are all the questions you need to join the Berkshire Cycle Quest.

There should be enough information in the text of each question to find the checkpoints you are looking for however we have also included the Ordnance Survey grid reference as extra help. If you want to use the OS grid references we can thoroughly recommend an online subscription to OS maps. This will allow you to use the OS app on your smartphone to locate checkpoints. (Use the link after the questions to subscribe)

These questions were last updated on 26th May 2023

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West Section

Q No.O.S. Grid RefPlaceQuestion
1SU506672ThatchamAt the Nature Discovery Centre on Lower Way there's a café. On the back wall is a large map with a legend of features. What is feature 12 on the legend?
2SU354679HungerfordOn the North side of the Hungerford road there is a row of copper beach trees. There is a plaque (maybe obscured by long grass). Name any one of the Trustees of the town to sponsor the trees.
3SU400806FawleyAt the war memorial on the A338, give the date of death of Philip Musgrave Neeld.
4SU371621Walbury HillOn the North side of the road opposite the car park entrance is a plaque - who commanded the regiment that trained here?
5SU499650Greenham CommonBehind the Control Tower café & visitor centre, at the entrance to the common is a nature board, what plant is in the bottom right corner?
6SU531763Hampstead NorreysApprox 100 metres to the west of the White Hart pub on Church St is a covered well. Who gave the well to the parish?
7SU439763LeckhampsteadAbove the door to the village hall there are two dates. Give either of them.
8SU385753Great SheffordAt the junction of the A338 and Millersfield (opposite petrol garage) is a small green with a sunken stone. What is the population on the stone?
9SU327789LambournThe Parish Hall on Oxford Street, just a few metres from the war memorial has plaque dedicated to Sir George Clement Martin - What musical post did he hold?
10SU386671KintburyAt the lock on the Kennet & Avon Canal, the arm nearest the bridge has a metal plate with what number on it?
11SU521798ComptonOn the wall of the village hall is a commemorative stone. Who laid it and when?
12SU474741ChieveleyOn the wall of St. Mary the Virgin church just past the lychgate is a commemorative stone to Vicar Robinson. What year is on the stone?
13SU506729HermitageAt the junction of Newbury Road and Marlston Road is a commemorative stone - what does it commemorate?
14SU464710Snelsmore CommonIn the main entrance to the country park, next to The Snugg cafe is nature conservation board. What bird is in the bottom left corner?
15SU436651EnborneAt the entrance to Averys Pightle nature reserve is an information board. What bird is on the board?
16SU429716BoxfordOpposite the Parish church of St. Andrew is a postbox set in to the stone wall. What two letters are at the top of the postbox?
17SU470676NewburyAccording to the information boards in the clock tower what was the name of the most famous inn during coaching times?

Central Section

Q No.OS Grid RefPlaceQuestion
18SU573668WoolhamptonIn the middle of the village at the junction of the A4 and Station Road is an old drinking fountain. What was it built to commemorate?
19SU733678ShinfieldOn the wall of the infants school is plaque. In whose memory was the school built and when? (note this is NOT the plaque just below the clock)
20SU777730WoodleyName either of the birds on the conservation board in the car park of the Berkshire Aviation Museum
21SU636764PangbourneOn the Reading Road Old Breedon School has been turned in to offices / shops. What is the date above the entrance to the offices.
22SU640713ThealeAt the west end of Holy Trinity church is a small car park - how many spikes are on the gate between the car park and the church path?
23SU757755SonningThe Palmer pump in the High Street has been refurbished - When, and who raised the funds?
24SU710748Reading (Caversham)At the entrance to Caversham Court Gardens is a map and legend of the grounds. What feature is no. 6 on the legend
25SU652662Burghfield CommonAt the end of the Wokefield Common car park is a nature information board. What bird is in the bottom right of the board?
26SU667643MortimerWhat is the date above the door of St. Marys Junior School?
27SU586711Tutts ClumpIn the wall of the Methodist chapel above the door is a stone with what date on it?
28SU552709BuckleburyOutside the 'Victory Hall' is a defibrillator. What is the location code on the front of the box?
29SU556796AldworthOpposite the Bell Inn is a disused well. Inside is a rusty plaque. Which year was the well sunk?
30SU600760BasildonJust west of St. Stephens parish church is a small green with a bench. Who donated the bench?
31SU552745YattendonIn the village centre opposite the Royal Oak pub is a covered shelter. On one wall is a commemorative plaque - celebrating what and when?
32SU706694Reading (Green Park)At the base of the wind turbine is an information board with a poster showing the parts of the turbine - what part is in the middle at the top of the poster?
33SU788658BarkhamAt Rooks Nest Wood nature reserve on Barkham Ride how many cycle parking hoops are at the end of the car park?
34SU591651Aldermaston VillageIn the front wall of the Parish Hall, who laid the commemorative stone on 4th December 1897?

East Section

Q No.O.S. Grid RefPlaceQuestion
35SU793631FinchampsteadIn the Memorial Park on the B3348 is a war memorial. What rank was Raymond G Attride?
36SU795729HurstOpposite St Nicholas church is a row of houses - In the wall above the main entrance is a plaque - Under who's sole charge were they erected?
37SU955717Windsor (Great Park)In the base of the Golden Jubilee Statue is an inscription – who presented the statue?
38SU785786WargraveOn the wall of The Woodclyffe Hall is a green plaque - what does it commemorate?
39SU839801Littlewick GreenOpposite the Cricket green is the village hall / cricket club building. According to the plaque on the wall who was it built in memory of?
40SU808688WokinghamAt the junction of Shute End, Station Road and Reading Road is St. Pauls Clock House . What year and month are mentioned on the plaque?
41SU842710BinfieldWhat year is on the wall on the side of the Binfield Club?
42SU827832Hurley BottomApproximately 0.1m along the High Street the are two white cottages called 'Mandeville Cottages". What is the year on the gable end of the roof?
43SU879722WarfieldAt the St. Michael the Archangel church (on Church St!) there are two gates. The west gate has a metal plaque with a ladys name and year – what is the name and year?
44SU855815MaidenheadAccording to the information board in the Pinkneys Drive car park how many acres do the National Trust manage here?
45SU947771DedworthAt the entrance to Dedworth Manor Park there is an information board - in what year is the earliest record of Dedworth Manor?
46SU951674SunningdaleNext to the entrance of the Sunningdale village hall in Church Road is a bench. What is engraved on to the bench?
47SU820620SandhurstAt the Horseshoe Lake car park on Mill Lane there is an information board, what animal is in the bottom right of this board?
48SU912689Ascot HeathOn the south wall of All Saints church on the A329 there is a sundial. In whose memory is this?
49SU902794BrayOn the wall of the village hall near the car park is a plaque – who donated the land for the car park and garden?
50SU830769Waltham St. LawrenceOpposite 'The Bell' pub there is a fenced off tree. According to the plaque what was the name and title of the person who presented the land in 1937?
51SU865856Cookham DeanAt the top of Quarry Wood Road where it meets Grubwood Lane is a sign for Bisham Woods & Quarry Woods - who manages the wood here?

Note – In the Autumn of 2022, checkpoint 35 is due to be relocated approx 0.5 miles west to  Finchampstead Memorial Park so may be unavailable for a period of time. If you’re unable to access the checkpoint please take a picture at the park and contact us using the form to arrange separate verification.

Checkpoint Map

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